Small gems that form a mosaic of elusive beauty.
The unexpected treasures of the Ciociaria
From Atina to Anagni, legends and suggestions of the Land of the Cyclops.
Not far from Rome and yet relatively unknown, the Ciociaria preserves splendid surprises. Among the most fascinating ones there are the pre-roman Acropolis, towering polygonal fortifications that connect various villages according to an antique and mysterious map. The Acropolis of Arpino, beautifully preserved, the Atina’s one, the walls of Alatri, Anagni, Veroli and Ferentino make up an itinerary between archeology and architecture in unexpected villages.
There are some holy and sacred places to visit, like the Abbey of Casamari and Trisulti, a break of faith immersed in the green along the Benedicti road which reached Montecassino and starts from Subiaco. Finally, the small unknown jewels like Isola del Liri, with its suggestive waterfalls in the historic center, the Boncompagni-Viscogliosi Castle and a vibrant nightlife.
San Donato Val di Comino also deserves a visit, the well renowned picturesque town that Touring Club Italiano has included among Italy’s most beautiful towns. It is also the gateway to the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise.
Exploring the city of Cicerone, disappearing along the narrow medieval streets and find yourself in a past preserved intactly.
Across the barrier of megalithic walls one meets the Cyclops, which the popular tradition swears to have seen them build the ancient civitas of Volsci.

Walk in the city of the Ernici and grasp the protracted expansion in the centuries admiring the looming of its mighty walls.

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