Enjoy Our Territory
Small gems that form a mosaic of elusive beauty.
Walking in the city of Saturn
A small village framed by the mountain horizon of the Apennines.
Palazzo del Senatore is located in the historical center of Atina, a small italian town where to escape from chaos and noise and where nature and history are combined. According to the legend it was founded by the god Saturn, and its greatness is also celebrated in Virgilio’s Aeneid. Forget the car and simply get lost along the alleys and charming squares, walk into the green or take a break for meditation. You can look up to the beautiful facades of the noble palaces, admire the courtyard of the Ducal Palace of simply stand in one of the belvedere viewpoints and contemplate the impressive profile of the mountains. The trail in S. Stefano’s hilltop will lead you through woods and pine forests up to the remains of the polygonal massive walls and the medieval acropolis. If only passing by or should you decide to stop, you will appreciate Atina for the calmness and for the nature that surrounds it.
Getting lost in the labyrinth of the alleys and being surprised of the views of the National Park of Abruzzi, Lazio and Molise.
Forget looking at the watch, enjoy the breathtaking view of the landscape while having an espresso coffee, feeling the warmth of Jazz notes.
Contemplate the frescoes and the mosaics inside the Cantelmo Palace, witness of an ancient past.
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