Gole del Melfa,
Montecassino Memorial Road

Gole del Melfa, Montecassino Memorial Road

The itinerary runs along the Bourbon road called Tracciolino, which connects Casalvieri to Roccasecca and skirts the spectacular Melfa Gorge, which is 14.500 km long, all on the flat or slightly downhill. Then it crosses the rear of the Gustav Line where the bloody battles that pitted the German troops against the Allied armies took place in the spring of 1944. The itinerary arrives then in the archaeological area of Cassino, next to the Roman Theatre and the Amphitheatre, at the foot of the hill on the summit of which is the Abbey of Montecassino (reachable by a climb of 8 km, which is very beautiful and scenic but not included in the mileage of the route). The route ends with a 9 km climb to Atina via Belmonte Castello.
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Technical Info

Departure and arrival: ATINA
Distance: 65 km
Height difference: 500 m
Difficulty: medium
Road surface: asphalt

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