Every road in this unexplored land tells the story of the ancient civilisations that have passed through it since ancient times. From the Volscians to the Samnites, from the Romans to the Lombards, from the Byzantines to the Saracens, from the Normans to the Angevin and Aragonese dynasties and on to the German and Anglo-American troops of the Second World War, whose traces are still evident on stretches of the Gustav Line. Along these roads you will come across wine cellars, bakeries, inns and oil mills in an area where three quality brands are concentrated: the Picinisco pecorino DOP, the Atina DOP cannellini beans and the Atina DOC cabernet, and where you can regenerate after your fatigue by enjoying delicious culinary delights.

Civitavecchia di Arpino,
Santopadre and
Gole del Melfa

Capodichino, Monte Prato

Casalucense, Sant’Elia Fiumerapido, Valleluce e German War Forts

#4 Capodichino, Falzarago, Casalucense Shrine
#5 Mainarde, Cardito Lake and Gustav Line
#6 The road of brigands and the Fibreno nature reserve
#7 Villages of the Comino Valley
#8 Gole del Melfa, Montecassino Memorial Road

Atina – Casalattico – Montattico – Astronomical Observatory – Campo del Popolo

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