Palazzo del Senatore

The legacy of a millennial culture and the paths of war in the Land of St. Benedict.
Spacious and comfortable rooms, designed by light and attention to detail.
Spacious and cozy, each one different from the other and all with a panoramic view on the valley, the rooms are elegant and fully equipped with all the modern comforts. Every space is unique, with the furniture that used to belong to the house approached with contemporary design elements. Bathrooms are large and precious, homely environments enriched by colored marbles.

Modern comfort, cozy and bright environments,
antique furniture along with stylish marble bathrooms

The attention for details, the refined tapestry,
the pleasant reading corners for your perfect stay and relax

The view above the cobblestone alleys,
the romance to fall asleep while watching the stars

The elegance in the essential, the ancient and the modern,
enjoy a refuge of refined beauty

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